Hsin-Yi (Amy) Chien

MOD is a reconfigurable partitioning system that allows users to dynamically modify environments for their changing needs.

(site: ITP)
MOD is a system of 160 modular screen units placed throughout the ITP floor. Each unit is a 4’ by 4’ square, supported from the ceiling and contains its own lighting. By adjusting the height and number of screens, MOD allows for spaces to transform for various purposes: gatherings, group meetings, presentations, and private studying. In addition, MOD is connected to an online portal, allowing people to log in and view the current configuration to gain a better understanding of the activities on the site.

MOD = Modify/Modular/Modeling

(site: ITP)ITP Students

User Scenario
Users pull down the screen from the ceiling and adjust the height and number of screens to transform their spaces for various purposes.