Ge Yu

Votalky is a polling-based social website that allows TV audiences to share their viewing experience by participating in and creating their own image-based polls.


Voting is Votalky’s leading feature. It makes getting engaged in opinion sharing and other related activities only one click away from other viewers, compared to Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, DIY polls characterize users’ feedback through asking interesting questions, uploading their own hand drawn images or simply dragging photos from Votalky’s gallery. Another group that will benefit from the voting feature are the content providers for TV shows. The poll results - most voted, most creative, etc. - will bring more feedback and effective data for them to analyze.

Embedded with TV’s social instincts, Votalky offers a social platform which produces and spreads TV audiences’ feedback in a generative and fun way. Virtually watching TV and voting for their favorite with others together, the audiences will have diploid experience when using Votalky.