Alexandra Diracles

VidCode is a website designed to ignite girls' interest in computer programming through video art. Users can choose video filters, learn how they are built in JavaScript, edit them within a responsive code editor, and then share their creations.


VidCode aims to create a conversation and a community of coders among teenage girls. The idea is to pair a medium in which they are already fluent—creating video content—with learning to program. VidCode also allows teenagers to be social as they learn about code: to take videos of their life, edit code with friends, and share information with each other. In my research I found that girls' interest in CS increases when they can pair programming with self expression. The experience begins by creating a video, uploading it to the site, then editing it by scrubbing values, mixing and matching filters such as "grain" or "blur". In the future, advanced video programming tracks will be available in algorithmic art, motion, and storytelling.