Night Witches: based on a true story.

Caroline Sinders

An interactive cross-device story built for mobile and web utilizing interaction design, story telling, and video game mechanics. This is about a real woman named Nadya Popva, a WWII female Russian fighter pilot in the 588th Night Bomber Regiment.


Night Witches is an interactive transmedia and cross device story told through a mobile game and an interactive website laden with information and hidden easter eggs. NightWitches is based on a true story about a WWII Soviet Female fighter pilot named Nadya Popova. NightWitches is built in Unity for the mobile component. By combining game play, interactive video, and audio, I want to create a story that firmly places the user in the role of a NightWitch and explores where interactive story telling can go- beyond making slide shows. I aim to explore, and observe how users can follow the non linear story and the cross device mechanic as well as create an educational and factual but interesting and fun interactive story.