Harry (Chiu-Hao) Chen

Keigibo is a spherical device that captures motion data from the trace of its trajectory when people throw or drop it. Experiments include determining the best material for this "ball", testing the sensors, and visualizing the motion as animations.


Keigibo is for everyone. It will be comprised of three major components: 1) motion sensor, 2) spherical object and 3) visualized data display. Keigibo will use a tiny Arduino-compatible Spark Core as a micro controller connecting with a motion sensor (MPU-6050). This motion sensor will be embedded in the spherical object to collect motion data as users throw or drop it. In form, the object will resemble a ball to make people feel more instinctively comfortable using it, but I will experiment with the material for this "ball", so it may not look and feel familiar. The relationship between human and nonhuman will be recorded, processed and augmented into a digitized visual representation.