Walking to the Moon

Ilwon Yoon

Walking to the Moon(WM) is a mobile RPG game that is a hybrid of game design and activities tracking apps/devices. The game turns walking experience into an adventurous PRG game, and users progress the story with their steps and fun game play.


Self-tracking devices/apps are gaining a lot of popularity from mainstream, yet many of users find themselves failed to motivate to change behaviors and keep using devices/app for long term. What's the reason? I found this is not an issue of devices/apps itself, but the ways that they display data in plain numbers and graph. In order to solve this, WM brings a new approach to data as an element of game. In other words, WM tracks users' steps data and turns this data into required game resources to play the game. To progress the game, users need to collect their steps. Besides, the narrative of the game will offer an engaging game play to users, and this design will help users want to walk more for fun. Walk more, play better.