Simply Hunt – An online NYC apartment rental site

Jonas Pedersen

I'm putting all NYC rental listings in one place. I'm taking real time data, and keeping it free, honest, simple, and user friendly. By making the hunt for an apartment as simple and transparent as possible, I'm putting the fun back into the hunt.!/


Finding an apartment in New York City is stressful and expensive. The problem is two-fold for tenants. You have to find the right apartment and then get application approval in a market that favours property managers and is controlled by brokers. Property management listings are public domain but most NYC residents don’t know they exist, they don’t know where to find the listings, and searching through them individually is highly inefficient. I am filling this gap by putting the listings in one place. I am taking real time data, keeping it free, honest, simple and user friendly.
Simplyhunt offers 3 services:
1: Find an apartment
2: Setup view appoint with landlords
3: Custom tailored application based on specific management requirements