Hello Rabbit!

Ju Young Park

"Hello Rabbit!" is an interactive storytelling book for children, aged from 6 to 8, to play with programming logic. My purpose of thesis is to let every future citizen know programming by learning computer science logic at early age.


"Hello Rabbit!" is an ipad book application for children, aged from 6 to 8. It is an animated interactive book that allows young users to play and learn with computer science logic including mathematics concepts such as x and y variables, if-else statements, loops, and etc. This app is designed to let users control and alter animated illustrations of the book by simply putting computer science logic inside the story. For instance, animation of a rabbit jumping once can be changed to jumping infinite times by embedding 'conditional statements' inside the story. The purpose of this activity is to create user experience with programming logic at early age, so that younger generations can grow up as future computer scientists.