Networked Dinner

Michael Milazzo

Networked Dinner is a TV Dinner re-invented for the twenty-first century. It provides an opportunity for users to produce a meal from start to finish, soil to table, with everything they need in one convenient, non-industrial box.


Networked Dinner is a new kind of meal-in-a-box that can be used in the home of a user. When they open the box, which is branded with a satirical twist on the design of the original TV dinner, they'll find a "tray" that looks similar to a traditional TV dinner. In the place of a pre-cooked meal they'll find nursery pods holding a protein, starch and vegetable. The laser-cut tray will be assembled into a planter, to which they'll add soil, their seedlings and water. Over the course of the growing period, they'll monitor their meal's status with the help of a detailed guide that is customized to fit the crops that are included. When the crops are ready, users will harvest and prepare their meal, to be enjoyed in the company of loved ones.