Wearable Radiation Detector

Peter Terezakis

There are 435 civil nuclear power reactors around the world and 71 being built. 104 nuclear reactors in 31 states in the USA.  Number of existing military nuclear reactors is not known.
I am constructing an open-source wearable radiation detector.



In 2010 US criminalized media coverage of BP oil spill. Obama supports Japan's new secrecy law and has extended scope of existing domestic secrecy acts. Existing radiation detectors are often expensive and vary both in accuracy and credibility.

Accidents happen; events occur. 

There is a current and growing need to be able to detect the presence of abnormal levels of radiation in the food which we consume, the water we drink, and the volumes through which we travel and inhabit.

I will design and fabricate an accessible, affordable, and reliable device based upon sound physics and available materials. The open source device will have repeatable results using readily available parts.
Multiple detectors will increase sensitivity.