Ryan Bartley

The barrier of entry to programming low-level game design is too high. Cinder-Game seeks to destroy this barrier by allowing people to program high-level, low-level and extensible C++, while also learning proper game design techniques.


Recently, video games have developed as a strong artistic and independent storytelling tool. However, the game engines available today are either too high-level to be realistically used, or too low-level for the creative coder. With my thesis, I bridged the gap by building out the high-level and low-level components of game engines on top of the creative framework, Cinder. The library includes a scene graph, physics, graphics, and multiple managers for cameras, 3d audio, saving state, rendering, scripting and effects that will make the process of creating a fast/stable game less tedious. The library will be open-sourced to support learning, to allow extending and to facilitate others looking for the same creative outlet.