Shilpan Bhagat

Passlet puts the world at your fingertips. It tracks the things you interact with physically on a daily basis allowing you to create reactive, self aware objects and build intuitive and interesting applications with it.


Our body speaks a language of touch. We hold things we want to use, hug the people we love and feel the things we are curious about. Passlet is a technology that understands this language and assists you. Imagine your toothbrush tracking its own use, or your milk carton aware it's empty. What if the sandwich you picked up knew you and paid for itself without you going to the counter? With Passlet comes an era of self aware objects which act based on your touch. It works on the principle of capacitive coupling allowing data to be transferred seamlessly through your body onto objects and vice versa. Passlet is a wearable which hides in the background allowing for smarter and more meaningful interactions with our physical world.