Su Hyun Kim

Tiya is my experimentation towards finding physical manifestation of the emoji language usually seen only on screens. It's a mobile app paired with robotic ears that are programmed to deliver physical interaction when somebody sends you a message.



Tiya, the messenger, works hard to deliver emotions between you and your close ones. Tiya utilizes graphic expression in conjunction with physical expression. My goal is to create a different interface other than verbal to find out if we can communicate emotions effectively. I was influenced by the common use of emoticons over social media. Tiya is a mobile app that comes with built-in robotic ears with a messaging mobile app. Once you open the application, your smart phone becomes this creature, Tiya. You can pet it or give different kind of gesture to communicate with the other person who is using this app. Tiya will become a shared pet between two users and start to develop a relationship with people who are taking care of her.