It’s Alive

Talya Stein Rochlin

My project is a series of interactive kinetic sculptures, a family of creatures. Each sculpture corresponds to a specific sense. A fun, crazy exhibit where the viewer becomes a part of the art, interacting with the creatures, bringing them to life.


My creatures are "alive". They are asleep when you first walk into the exhibit, and come to life as they are approached.
The series is built of five models, Each of the five basic senses are represented as individual creatures.
Touch was made into a kinetic sculpture out of tentacles. Smooth organic motion activated by touch, touching the users.
I began to sculpt when I was 3 and find it very dissatisfying not to be allowed to touch a sculpture. It's half of the experience. My thesis is my personal attempt to break the rules of the traditional museum, where you have to be quiet, and just observe the art. I want the viewers to leave my exhibit with smiles on their faces, feeling like they were engaged deeply with the art.