Lest We Forget

Todd Bryant

Lest We Forget is a video sculpture that serves to remind human kind about their impact on the earth while counting down to the end of the current civilization via their own devices – over population, climate change, depletion of natural resources.


Lest We Forget is a video sculpture that serves as a reminder of the destruction man is inflicting on the natural world around them. The project will count down to an estimated moment when civilization must change because society as we are currently experiencing it can no longer function. The end date will fluctuate in real time as data will be streaming from various international resources on the internet. It consists of three layered semi-transparent LCD video screens. The middle layer is the clock face which will be blurred out at the begin with and coming into focus as time is more relevant and precious. The outer screens will show a representation of earth rotating in real time that will crumble as we destroy the planet.