Jody Zellen

Black White and Read

Black White and Read is a print and online project that uses processing to randomly juxtapose news images and headlines.

Introduction to Computational Media - Wed (O'Sullivan)

Five prints selected from a every changing data base of live images will be printed and exhibited. This work uses processing to juxtapose news images that are changed to black and white posterized graphics and headline texts / or descriptions from the NY Times. The work will exist as an online project ( (this is a very very rough version of the project which is being updated all the time these days). in addition i will create prints that are 20x30 inches of selected image/text juxtapositions (single images) as well as the final grid of 12 image/text juxtapositions that represents a random sampling of the 30 images selected for the project. The next stage will be to present this as a calendar--a project that selects am image and headline to represent each day of a given month. this could be extended to 12 months but that would be a lot of images. for now i hope to display 5 images as well as the online live version of the project. I have a flash animation of how the sequence works that you can see here...(

people who like to look at art and who like to critique the news.

User Scenario
users will move through the computer program to see the applet work "live" which simultaneously looking at display printed of juxtapositions i have selected to be printed. these will be exhibited together.