Younghyun Chung


Nonoise is a 3D space experiment of optical illusion that only visible while it is running.

Computational Form

Even within a 2-dimensional space, human perceptual system enables us to percept an image on 2-dimensional as an image on 3-dimensional when it is drawn by using 3-dimensional graphic techniques. The following techniques are widely used from painting to motion picture: depth, perspective, relative size, occlusion, texture gradient, light & shadow, accommodation, aerial perspective, motion parallax, and stereo parallax. Nonoise is a 3-dimensional space experimentation of optical illusion that only visible while the screen is moving. When we stop the screen, the capture of it always looks like a static noise. However, since some of the above 3-dimensional techniques are used, it seems a 3-dimensional space on a screen while it is running.

Optical illusion -
The followings are used in painting: depth, perspective, relative size, texture gradient, light & shadow, accommodation, motion parallax

Everybody except someone who has a visual disorder

User Scenario
1. see the screen but it looks just a noise
2. press [run] button then a 3D shape appears
3. press [move] button then the shape moves in 2D screen
4. take a picture of it, but it’s just a noise again in a camera

3D OpenGL programming, Two button switches to run and move.

An optical illusion is annoying to eyes but interesting to explore our perceptual system of brain