Aram Chang
Mitchell Said


Navigating the city by healing the body.

Introduction to Computational Media - Wed (Shiffman),Introduction to Physical Computing - Tue (Andraos),Introduction to Physical Computing - Wed AM (Igoe)

By performing acupuncture (ie. inserting acupuncture needles) on a reduced-size human model/doll, you effect a screen-based interface. The screen depicts the New York boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, as they appear in the current MTA subway map. The subway lines of the MTA map, however, have been replaced by the 'meridian' lines of energy flow in traditional Chinese medicine. When a needle is inserted in the appropriate point, the point is 'activated', and an associated fragment of media is displayed. Seemingly incongruent geographic and bodily points become connected and entangled in unexpected ways.