Elizabeth Gallo

Stick Story Squares

Comic squares that allow you to create the story.

The Softness of Things: Technology in Space and Form

This project is designed to illustrate the many stories that can be told with simple pictures. Small white squares show a stick figure interaction such as two figures talking, sharing food, or walking away from each other. Each square can be broken in half so that one figure is on each half. They can then be rearranged to create a new scene. The squares can then be lined up similar to a comic strip. Thus, the story can be changed depending on the arrangement of the squares. The goal is for squares to tell a story regardless of the arrangment.
Stick Story squares could be used a game to teach children how to tell a story. However, because they show two people interacting in different ways, they could also be used in counseling situations for children or adults who have social problems.

Children and Adults.