Adam Harvey

Anti-Paparazzi Fashion

Interactive anti-paparazzi clutch bag.


Introduction to Physical Computing (Wed AM)

In response to the rise of paparazzi I've created an interactive clutch bag that communicates the desire to not be photographed. When it detects a camera flash it responds with another flash that obscures the photo. I think it's important for everyone to realize the worth of their own image and to be able to protect that. The goal of anti-paparazzi fashion is to build a two-way communication between the photographer and subject.

Revelers, denizens, celebrities

User Scenario
Turn on the bag
Hold it vertically
Point it at a photographer
When they fire their flash the bag will flash back at their lens, protecting your identity

The anti-paparazzi clutch bag comprises a system of light-detecting circuit, a tilt sensor, and an array of super bright LEDs, powered by AA batteries.