Peng Zhao


TextMe lets an audience send text messages from any mobile phone to a person in a pre-recorded video online.

Frame By Frame: Creation and Manipulation of the Moving Image

Any person with a mobile phone.

User Scenario
In this project, the audience see a video on a web page(think of a youtube video embeded on a blog). It's a recorded video, not a live streaming. It's common sense that the audience can't have interaction with the things or people inside a recorded video. The video is a person(myself) sitting in front of a laptop surfing internet, with a cell phone at side. What the audience do is send a text message to a phone number, then in the video the person gets the message on his cell phone, he will grabs his cell phone to view the new text message.

For this project, by utilizing some server-side scripting in the midway between audience sending a text message and flash video on a web page retrieving the text message, the audience get the illusion where they are sending a text message to a person inside the video and that person inside the video receives the text message on the cell phone.