Derek Stoops

The Game Wise Network

The Game Wise Network is a game that plays other games.



The system takes the shape of a web-based network that is not only a collective of game players but a human-powered game decision-making system. This group's collective intelligence is the opponent in the games played by individual members of the same network. The site is structured as a Network Wide game (NW game). Participation in the overall NW game improves the decision-making processes of the Network's role in individual Player Initiated games (PI games). From the perspective of the individual player, the PI game proceeds like any normal correspondence-based game. The player makes a move in the game then waits for their opponent to a move. While the individual player is waiting, the NW game is being played to evaluate the situation in the PI game.

The NW game is broken down into two separate mini-games. The two games, Hedge Betting and Quick Voting elicit different types of evaluations from the players. The combination of these two approaches is aggregated into a single decision regarding one move in a PI game. The move is then made on behalf of the GWN after which the individual player makes a move in response and the cycle continues until the game is concluded. This asynchronous play can be applied to any turn-based game designed for human vs human competition such as Go, Chess, Poker or Dominoes. The Game Wise Network (GWN) effectively eliminates the need for artificial intelligence programs in competitive turn-based games by replacing it with a large number of people contributing small rational thoughts which, if organized correctly, make wise choices in games.