Ozge Kirimlioglu


A "Prosthetic Device" and an "Alert/Broadcast System" for Paranoid people.


Live Web,Rest of You

IN PUBLIC is a prosthetic device which insulates the whispers of the users from the outside world. It allows them to communicate in secret while still in public.
IN SECRET is a secret broadcast and alert system to enable you to tune in and listen to the conversations taking place in the IN PUBLIC piece. Just in case they are talking about you.

User Scenario
Two people come to the IN PUBLIC kiosk, pick up the device and use it to talk to each other. No one else hears them, or that is what they think. There actually is a microphone and an Fm module inside that broadcasts all the conversation. The third user on IN SECRET part, is in front of a the computer. She gets an alert that the device is in use. Then she picks up the little Radio next to her, and tries to find the Fm frequency to listen to the IN PUBLIC conversations.

The Prosthetic device (IN SECRET) is made out of foam. It is a perfect material to insulate the sound from outside world, and also enhance it with echo inside itself.