Michelle Mayer

Tuning Grove

The Tuning Grove is the remains of a small grove of powerful ancient trees which have become, in their current petrified form, instruments which produce pure tones and light.

New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The Tuning Grove is a sound sculpture created to produce healing tone and light in the form of white petrified tree stumps. It made up of three crystal singing bowls, piezo microphones, and DMX RGB led panels. The sounds created by striking or rubbing the mallet around the rim of the bowls effect the quality and color of the light emitted from inside the columns.


User Scenario
You walk up to the three tree stump instruments, pick up a mallet and play each bowl by either striking the rim or rubbing the mallet around the outside of the bowl. The sounds produced with control the lights within each stump. Each bowl is tuned to a specific note, ( E, G, and C, and the color of the light produced reflects the corresponding frequency on the color spectrum.