kimi spencer
Marko Manriquez

Moss Invaders

Intergalactic urban renewal/invasion by moss beings.

Basic Analog Circuits,Desigining Living Systems,Introduction to Physical Computing

Moss Invaders have landed in NYC! The people of this metropolis are uncertain if these teeny mosslings come in peace with the hopes of urban renewal of the cityscape or in WAR! Where do mosslings come from and what do their digital bleeps communicate? Is there any hope for a dialogue between humankind and this intergalactic floating garden? Stay tuned for more moss mayhem!!!

Moss has a long tradition of uses both practical and aesthetic. It can function as a carbon sequester, air particulate filter, humidity regulator, as well as having antimicrobial properties.

The intended audience is any visitor to the Show interested in meditating on notions of alternative graffiti, urban renewal, phytoremediation, green spaces, horticulture and the built environment in relationship with living systems/ecosystems.

User Scenario
The visitor chooses reflect upon the moss mural and then on closer inspection touches the moss. The moss responds by playing a sound. This prompts the visitor to touch different parts of the moss. Different visitors standing around listen or start playing different parts of the mural in concert.

Moss invaders comprises a living graffiti mural and a capacitive sound installation into one piece. The moss mural is made using laser cut stencils to mold a moss milkshake concoction of our own devising. The moss paste is "painted" onto the stencils to grow directly onto the brick wall surface. The sound installation aspect takes the moss invaders into the intergalactic realm. Each moss pad is a capacitive sensor which plays 8-bit musical sounds when touched.