Atif Ahmad
Roopa Vasudevan
Stefanie Kleinman

DJ Jacket

We created a jacket that has built-in sensors that allow the user to act as a DJ by controlling the music through their motions.

Introduction to Physical Computing

We created a jacket that allows a user to control basic DJ functions through sensors imbedded throughout the jacket. Some of the functionality includes song transitions on a playlist, fade, scratch or apply effect to individual tracks, sound effects, and volume control.

Collectively the 3 of us had experience in music, fashion and media. This project seems to be the perfect fit for us to apply our knowledge is our respective fields into one collaborative effort. In order to complete this project, we did a lot of research on how to map the audio to the sensors using MAX/MSP and Ableton Live. .

For our prototype jacket, our target audience is anybody who enjoys playing music and having an interactive experience. Anyone from a professional DJ to someone wanting to DJ their house party would be able to use it. The jacket is a lot of fun for any user, however it does have a learning curve and the user needs to learn how each sensor works and how it is mapped.

User Scenario
Ideally, we would love for a performance based DJ to use this product at an event/party. The user would be free to walk through the crowd, dance and take advantage of their new found spatial freedom and engage the audience further.

The sensors, microprocessor, and wiring are all built within a pre-made leather jacket.

Initially we wanted to work on a project that was completely foreign to us in terms of our past experiences. Interestingly we were able to take what we had known and interpret it in a completely fresh and innovative way. We learned how to make a wearable play and control music, that to us was a great accomplishment because before coming to ITP none of us thought that something like this would even be possible to us to execute. We discovered that no matter how well you think your project is going there is always a chance that everything would fall apart in the last minute, which did happen to us but we were able to troubleshoot and rebuild.