Lilia Ziamou

Fleeting Moods

Fleeting Moods is an interactive art installation that blends traditional and new media to create an immersive experience. Fleeting Moods enables the user to modify the viewing experience based on his/her current mood.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

To experience Fleeting Moods, users interact with a tangible interface to select an animation with sound that is projected on a plaster sculpture. The animations are abstract representations of emotional states and the user can select one based on his/her mood . The sculpture is made of plaster and the animations are created in Processing.

Readings on
- Recursive Art
- Interactive Art
- Abstract Animation

Visitors in an exhibition space

User Scenario
The user selects the animation s/he is interested in experiencing at the moment by placing a small object below the image of this animation. The animation plays continuously until the object is removed. The small object is positioned on the interactive tabletop next to the images.