Matthew Epler

Narrative X-Ray

A 3D data visualization of a story that fits on your shelf like a book.

Introduction to Computational Media

NOTE: This object is in the process of being printed at AMS. It will be a real-world object when complete.<br /><br /> Books are like holy objects to their owners, but they are outdated objects in an increasingly digital domestic space. This project imagines a new kind of book object, one that physically displays the data within the book in the form of an abstract shape. This art object replaces the book while retaining its essence. In this demo, every instance of the word \\\"Ulysses\\\" is plotted in 3D space according to it\\\'s position on the printed page. These points are joined by a single line that traces the characters narrative journey both literally and figuratively. The resulting object is equal in volume to the original book. In future iterations, this object could house the book text digitally as an embedded file that can be loaded when in proximity to a digital reading device.

Book owners, Libraries for future installations

User Scenario
A user collects book for their data-beauty, and places them in combination with each other to create visual narratives.

The text from "The Odyssey" was downloaded from Project Gutenberg and parsed using Processing. Each word occurance was calculated in 3D space and connected using tube shapes. The resulting model was exported to an OBJ file and sent to a 3D printer. It is printed in plastic using support material to hold the structure together while printing, which is washed away when complete.