Engin Ayaz
Jacqueline Steiner
Luisa Covaria
Sheiva Rezvani
Zena Koo


Hungryfr is an online app and public display board that is designed to help community members gathered in one place to coordinate spontaneous activities.


Designing Conversational Spaces,Dynamic Web Development

hungryfr is a system that is both an online app & a physical display. You can log into hungryfr and fill out a simple form: \"I\'m hungryfr ____, I\'m leaving in <___> minutes & I have <___> minutes.\" This would generate suggested food trips on a physical Departures board (and in the app in another tab) that is organized by departure time.

Users could join any of the listed trips and trips are limited to up to four people maximum in order to maintain personal, meaningful conversations (hence the Hungry4).

The ticket board would exist as a projection designed to look and sound like a train station\'s departure board with spinning letters and numbers. It would also act as a natural meeting place for people departing for trips.

In future iterations we would also like to design for people who want to order delivery together, or \"arrivals\" instead of \"departures\"! This would again create the possibility of interacting with people you wouldn\'t have had the chance to meet otherwise.