Andrew Cerrito
Azure Qian
Colin Narver
Mary Fe

The Collective DJ

DJ your own concert performance with nothing but your bare hands


The project consists of 4-5 pairs of metal-topped floor pads that will be spaced reasonably far apart from one another (about a 4 person width). These pads are hooked into microcontrollers that offer keyboard emulation, and the computer connected to the microcontrollers has various sound samples and effects loaded into Ableton. When 4-5 people make a chain by joining hands and stepping on the pads, they can turn a particular sample on and off, and because there will be at least four pairs of pads, we can involve about 20-25 people in a collective musical experience. We have four different \"songs\" prepared from various samples, and we can cycle through them so users can play with a variety of different musical styles.

We did this as an Applications presentation with 9 rows, 100+ students, and 2 different computers, and it was a lot of fun. We feel that a pared-down version involving about 20 people will provide a more focused and yet still entertaining experience.