Abe Rubenstein
Yu Ji

Sound Kites

Don't be afraid to pull a few strings.

Introduction to Physical Computing

A canopy with strings attached is an interface to create beautiful sounds. Pull on any or all of the strings to hear and control sound.

The cliché demographic "from 8 to 80". Actually, humans as young as 5 have successfully enjoyed Sound Kites.

User Scenario
You walk underneath the canopy and notices some tantalizing strings hanging from the sky. Instinctively you pull on one string and realizes that it controls a rich, tonal sound. Pulling more strings reveals that they control other rich, tonal sounds. Ad infinitum.

Stretch sensors + pull-down resistors + Arduino Uno -> Processing

Stretch sensors really require value remapping because they don't always snap back to their default state as quickly as you'd like. Also, never hang ANYTHING from ITP track lighting because you'll hear about it.