DIY Terrain

Eozin Che, JungHyun Moon

DIY Terrain is a design tool to simulate user's personalized landscape


DIY Terrain is an application that allows users to design and simulate their own personalized landscape.

You can visually demonstrate their terrain design in different views using functions such as view modes, colors, and height scales. You come to start with a default flat mesh surface and rub with a brush to add any topographical forms and visual appearances to the selected area. The different brush options allow you to create geographical features from mountains to valleys with a certain depth.

This application is expected to alter the limit of architectural design process which generally starts from analyzing unchangeable existing topology of the site, by giving a chance of simulating each user’s personalized landscape.

This application is created with Cinder based on C++ and GLSL. Users can adjust the height in a certain area of the terrain, picking and dragging the area in 3D space. Also, the lighting position and the shader can be changed and it allows users design the terrain mesh dynamically. The terrain mesh can be exported not only as an image but also as a 3D object file in order to use it in other 3D tools or 3D printing.


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