Final Phontasy

Jaewoong Hwang

Be a heroic phone-wielding chicken slayer!


Final Phontasy is a screen-based multiplayer cooperative game installed in a public space. Anybody can join the game simply by calling the number with their phone. All interaction can be done with number keys on phones, or DTMF tones. No smart phone nor data plan is required.
The game has classic 8-bit RPG battle mechanism and aesthetics. Up to four players fight together as a party against giant evil Chicken. Despite of simple mechanism, the game by design highly encourages people to cooperate. You never win with mindless attacks. Fun part is that, because it is meant to be installed in a public space, players need to communicate with strangers to win the game.
The game has level system. Each players' level data is stored in database. The more you win, the stronger you become. If you get strong enough, you'll have an honor to be on the leaderboard.


Redial: Interactive Telephony