Billy Dang, Yu Hu

iMemoriam imagines the final user experience of an Apple product.


The Apple company is tremendous successful because they hold the secret in designing products that triggers and sustains emotional impact on their users.

For many Apple users, this emotional attachment with the product can be very intense. The problem arises when the older device needs to be replaced with a newer version. This emotional attached makes it incredibly hard for the user to part with their older device.

Steve Jobs and the designers at Apple are famously known to hold complete control over all aspects of their product. Their control over hardware, software, marketing strategy, retail, and advertising ensures that of the user experience of their product is cohesive and regulated. However, one final aspect of the Apple user experience is missing. That is, what to do with the device once it’s being replaced with a newer version.

iMemoriam imagines what the final user experience would be like if it was designed by Steve Jobs. iMemoriam helps the user to emotionally detach from their older device in a respectful and environmentally responsible way.


Persuasive Design