Magdalena Kovarik

PicassoMe is a fun as well as obscure installation swapping peoples eyes and mouths in a live video stream – cubist Picasso like faces arise on the screen and can get captured immediately.



This in an application for a computers camera as well as for mobile devices. A Processing sketch is tracking the eyes and mouths of the people in front of the camera and swaps them constantly in a random fashion. On the video screen cubistic defragmented faces arise. Did you ever want to see through your boyfriends eyes or your mothers mouth? The more people are in front of the camera the more interesting are the group portraits. By hitting a key the image get saved. For the Winter Show I imagine an installation directly linked with a printer. The visitors could immediately print her favorite Picasso like picture for taking it away as an original souvenir of the Winter Show 2014.


Introduction to Computational Media