Francisco Ramirez, Roy Livne

Light and sound emitting and interactive spheres



Our project is a playful interactive system that is made out of two main parts, a trigger ball and half sphere modules.The trigger is a sphere that produces sound and light when rolled and turned around and is used to start up the modules. Each module is shaped like a half sphere and has its own sound and light. once triggered the sphere modules emit their sound and light and transfer it to each other in a sequence and one after the other

The interaction used is the bowling action of the trigger ball to hit anyone of the sphere modules that will start up the sequence.

The idea for the project was initially inspired by 2 concepts. The first is the marble game, when a player throws a marble on a group of marbles and they scatter around the room. The other is inspired by an art installation where light is used to transfer light through a group of triangular modules.

We tried to combine these 2 concepts together. The means of communication between the sphere and the modules is done by piezo sensors that detect the vibration when the trigger hits any one of modules and they hit each other. Each module has its own sound and can be reactive to the other modules.


Introduction to Physical Computing