Natalia Cabrera, Namira Abdulgani, Pat Shiu

Two persons lay down and experience visual and sound representation of each other’s heartbeats. It’s a quiet and intimate exchange of our most vital sign.



The experience requires two participants. Each of them get a pulse sensor attached to their index finger and a set of headphones, then lay down on a chaise lounge. White paper domes lower until they hover over the participant’s upper body, shielding out visual distractions from the environment and submerging them into the experience. Headphones provide the sound based on the heartbeat of each other, domes show a projection of visuals generated with heartbeat of each other, participants don’t know if they are experiencing their own or another vital sign. With time, sound gets louder, until it becomes the central point of focus and heartbeat rate tends to slow down. When one of the participants remove the pulse reader the domes come up and the experience is over.


Introduction to Physical Computing, Materials and Making Things by Hand