Music in the Age of Digital Surveillance

Ansh A Patel, Seth Kranzler

Browser cookie sonifier for privacy and awareness in the digital age.


Music in the Age of Digital Surveillance is a Chrome browser extension developed by Seth Kranzler and Ansh Patel which keeps track of cookies placed in the browser when visiting a website. For each page that is browsed, Music in the Age plays an algorithmically generated melody utilizing Tone.js framework based on the number of domain-specific cookies that each web page has. It adds a delay for each cookie from a domain, resulting in a unique intermingling of notes for each page.


The Stratosphere of Surveillance


Leon Eckert

Our typing pattern can be captured and used against us. KEYPRINTS explains how this works visually and proposes a way to protect our privacy.


The subject of this project are keystroke patterns and their use as unique identifiers to individuals online.Our personal data is in high demand and collected by both government and companies. Free services making our lives easier or simply more fun are the main incentive we receive in exchange, yet for the most part we are unaware of that trade.
Of increasingly high interest in that context, is behavioural and biometric data an example of which is our keystroke pattern. The keyboard is arguably the most central interface of computers and we all use it in slightly different ways. The rhythm in which we type, the frequency we use individual keys and other details can be measured, recorded and stored in data sets which can identify us in a similar way our fingerprint does in the physical world.
The project *Keyprints* intents to explain this concept through visualisation on the one hand as well as proposes a way of protecting ourselves from data collectors on the other. For that, a physical intervention intercepts the signal between keystroke and computer and adds a randomised or intentionally defined delay.


The Stratosphere of Surveillance, Introduction to Computational Media