Renata Gaui

A tapestry loom that weaves and unweave according to sunrise and sunset, referring to an excerpt of The Odyssey's female character Penelope that postpone an unwished fate by choosing to decide which of her suitors she would marry to once she finishes a burial shroud.


A tapestry loom that weaves when the sun rises and unweaves the same piece when the sun sets. The white thread on the loom refers to ancient greek burial rituals in which the deceased would be dressed in a full length white shroud – as if the closer the loom gets to have the piece done, the more Penelope is confined to her own imprisionement.
There's a p5 sketch running on a browser that gets the geolocation of the piece and from this gets the time the sunrises and the sunsets, controlling the weave/unweave according to that.


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