This Is Real

Maya Tal

Interactive screen based project that criticizes the current standard beauty and excess photoshopping of models.


As part of the Outrage Internship, our project addresses the topic of body image and how outrageous the standard of beauty is created; media companies create and promote unrealistic beauty standards by retouching already very thin models. ThisIsReal aims to take users through the process of retouching by layers several images of ordinary people; users will be able to wipe away the layers on touch screen and watch the layers vanish, quantifying how much work goes into creating a non-realistic person. The project will feature in January 2016 in Times Square as part of the Outrage Machine project.


The Temporary Expert: Research-based Art and Design Practice


Isabel Paez

Technology can take us back to our Roots


I have been doing a lot of work and research for the design of my Museum for Cabinets of Wonder. The Museum of Ancient Rituals where the visitors will be taken into an experience that will try to take them back to their roots and explain the importance of the knowledge our native ancestors had. For my Printing Code final I am designing a whole Typography with shapes of roots and for my Temporary Expert final I am creating the work I want to show in the ITP Winter Show. This project will be a painting/sculpture that will light up and play music when people stand in front to contemplate the piece. The roots will be divided into four different colors and materials; each one will represent an element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water). A musician is composing the music because each element has a specific instrument that represents it. When all the roots have been light up the shape of a human will appear with its legs as the


Th code is working perfectly I only have to finish the physical building aspect which is the easy part for me.


Cabinets of Wonder, Printing Code, The Temporary Expert: Research-based Art and Design Practice

The Clock Project

Zhuoxi Song

A beautiful website enlivened by gorgeous scenes from our beloved hometowns across the globe


The Clock Project is a website that reminds us of how far we've been aways from our beloved hometowns. With a clock showing current local time in a remote hometown, followed by videos consisted of hometown scenes that used to be easy to see but now thousands of miles away, viewers will feel the distance to beloved homes.


Art Strategies, Introduction to Computational Media