Nikita R Huggins

A visual representation of the Trinidad and Tobago dialect


My goal is to teach people the language of Trinidad and Tobago. When I moved to the US I stopped speaking in my native dialect. I thought that the speech would be perceived as incoherent, backward and I unintelligent to people, so opted to speak these words only to Trinidadian natives. To dispel this discomfort and regain part of my identity I want to teach others some words I used constantly growing up in an effort to showcase who I am by:
1. teaching a part of the history of my country via its linguistics
2. conveying that an accent or a language is not a hindrance to communication
3. showing that anyone sounds beautiful speaking – so we should not limit ourselves in fear or to appease anyone


Intro to Fabrication, Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing

Cheeks, Chin, Eyes, Nose, Lips and the rest of US

Ella Dagan Peled

an interactive deconstructing photobooth/image maker


an interactive portrait photo-booth like experience in which the face of the person who is using it deforms and dissolves with each click over time.

Eventually, if the person clicks enough times, the portrait will resemble all other portraits in it’s disintegration. Every mouse click on the canvas takes a picture and the more clicks, the more pieces the portrait divides into. When hovering over the canvas, the pieces change and exposed pieces from previous pictures. When pressing on the CONTROL key the sketch gets reload, and when pressing on the ENTER key the canvas is saved.


Introduction to Computational Media

Nature Geometry

Xinyao Wang, Yuli Cai, Yuan Xue

Let's play and relax in the galaxy and interact with the Moon. Look up and around!


An interactive abstract imagery of natural textures, the Moon, and universe in simple geometric shapes projected perfectly onto a well-designed physical object on a white wall to maximize user experience. It gives you pure pleasure in changing and seeing the different projections/patterns/modes according to simply intuitive gestures and body movements.


Introduction to Computational Media

Beats Exposed

Aaron Parsekian, Danielle Butler, Lisa M Jamhoury

Beats Exposed is an interactive aerial performance that breaks down the barrier between audience and performer. By exposing the performer’s heartbeat through sound and projected visuals, the performer invites the audience to see beyond his or her physical form.


Beats Exposed is an interactive performance experience that breaks down the barrier between audience and performer. By exposing the body’s vital signs, the performer invites the audience to see beyond the polished act and into the extreme physical and personal effort.

Beats Exposed is built to be used in performance on, or off, stage. It is lightweight and battery powered, and therefore able to run in a variety of settings.

The current iteration of the project is performed with an aerialist. It exposes the exertion in an artform that is extremely demanding, yet typically meant to appear effortless.

The performer wears a Polar pulse sensor and Moteino wireless transceiver while performing. The transceiver communicates wirelessly with a second Moteino transceiver connected to a computer. The pulse is transferred serially to a P5 program with both audio and visualizations.

In this experience, the audience hears the sound of a heartbeat timed with the performer’s pulse. The visualization, also reacting to the pulse, projects from the ceiling onto the performer, surrounding area, and any audience members that have come in close.

The resulting experience is intimate, personal and engaging.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing, Introduction to Physical Computing

Singing Plant

Chelsea J Pfohl

It is a singing plant


Using a custom capacitive touch sensor, Arduino and Processing, the Touché Shield for Arduino developed by Disney Research Labs, with just a single wire stuck in the dirt the plant turns in to a fully functional multi gestural singing theremin, inducing bond between human and flora. Meant to stimulate an interest and foster a scientific curiosity and love for all kinds of plants and our underlying connection to everything living and breathing on the planet, the Singing Plant is a simple device that can be applied to any type of plant in any type of soil or water.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing