Circle Jerk

Kevin G Stirnweis

A touch screen arcade party game where you play with your friends to protect and grow your circle.


Circle Jerk is a fast-paced, touch-based arcade game where players work together to protect and grow their circle. Each touch creates a colored character that follows the players' movements. Players move their characters to protect their central circle from incoming purple monsters. Each time a player engulfs a monster the circle grows larger, but if a monster breaks into the circle it can deplete quickly! Work together to grow the circle as quickly as possible.


Introduction to Computational Media

pineArt Box

Kevin G Stirnweis, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold

Create digital images using a mixture of natural elements and analog inputs.


pineArt Box invites people to create a digital image using natural elements like pine needles and analog inputs to customize the color. As users interact with the system a live stream of their work is displayed in front of them. Once they are satisfied they can create a copy of their image with a push of the button that will display their creation next to the live stream. As people interact with the system they can enjoy natural sounds of the woods and the scent of the pine needles to create a meditative and creative experience. pineArt Box explores the interaction between the digital and natural worlds, as well as the interplay between art and process.


Introduction to Physical Computing