Educational 3D Lamps

Marcelo Cespedes

The Educational 3D Lamp is a 3D amazing optical Illusion loaded with low energy technology, with a life expectancy of 13.7 years!


The “Holographic” Lamp is a combination of 3D amazing optical Illusion and low energy technology. The idea was to trick the mind into thinking it’s looking at a 3D “floating” wire-frame globe using a 2D design.

The light is conducted through the engravings made with the láser on a quarter inch plexiglass.

This lamps was meant to be placed next to the bed. It started as a midterm project but i keep making improvements on the design and in order to provide more functionality, i’m working on adding a iphone holder (with charger) and a USB port to charge any other USB device.

The base of the lamp made from 3 pieces of wood cut with a cnc router and stick together with glue. Almost every part of the lamp (wood, wires,light switch) was recycled.

Loaded with low energy technology, this lamp has a expectancy of 13.7 years!


Designing for Digital Fabrication