Interactive Pattern Generator

Mathura Govindarajan

Pattern generator based on patterns seen in nature.


This project tries to create art out of maths and physics that we see around us everyday but don't realise it. For instance, it uses fractals and motion of gas in air to create art. The interaction will be touch based and users will have the option of creating art and uploading/mailing it to themselves.


Introduction to Computational Media

Interactive Origami Lighting

Mathura Govindarajan, Cristina Cannella

Interactive modular origami lights that responds to change in physical arrangement.


The project involves a modular origami structure with lighting inside them. The origami model is designed such that its spatial arrangement can be changed by manually moving it. Each movement results in different 'circuits'. That is, a different arrangement leads to a different circuit connection which in turn changes the behaviour of the light inside the model. The main interaction is physical in the sense that it has to be handled and played with to see changed in the lighting.


Introduction to Physical Computing, Introduction to Physical Computing