Melissa Jinu Kang, Paul Hiam, Xi Liu

Voicepong is a classic pong game controlled with voice.


Voicepong is inspired by traditional pong which is one of the earliest arcade video game. The aim is to win the simulated table-tennis game by making a sound to control the paddle's movement and being the first player to earn 5 points. Players can move their paddles based on how loud they talk or yell. The more they make sounds, the paddle moves upward, and vice versa.

To start this game, players will access to certain IP address and be assigned with an unique peer ID. Once each player enters the opponent’s ID, the game will begin. For the audio input device, our custom made microphone will be connected to the computer.

This game can be played by more than two players as long as the number of players on each side is the same. This multiplayer game will provide interactive and collaborative experience.


Live Web


Melissa Jinu Kang, Songee Hahn

Spitshield is an unique device that detects volume of saliva when people talk and projects facial deformation of listener based on amount of spit.



The idea for Spitshield is inspired from the unpleasant feeling when we have a conversation with someone who spits. While Spitshielded detects the volume of spits, it projects a deformed version of the listener's face on the screen, based on the amount of saliva. This will keep people away from getting sprayed and allow speakers to recognize they are spitting.


Conversation and Computation, Live Web