Social Doodle Telephone Game

Paula Ceballos Delgado

The Social Doodle Telephone Game is a game that is based on collaboration and creativity. Users are invited to add/complete other user's drawings, and create new foundations for future users to draw on.


The Social Doodle Telephone Game is a take on the childhood “telephone” game but with doodles. The idea is that a basic doodle will start the screen, and then someone will come up and add/complete it with drawings of their own. After that happens the original sketch disappears and only the user additions remain–they now become the original sketch and now someone else has to add to it. And so on and so forth!


Introduction to Computational Media

The BearBooth

Dana Abrassart, Paula Ceballos Delgado

As mysterious as it seems, but more delightful than it sounds, The BearBooth invites users to peer inside, discover the unexpected, and take home a break from reality.


This is The BearBooth.
It has mirrored walls, cheering sounds, colorful lights, and, of course, bears. It provides the user with a break from reality, in which they're invited to explore the unexpected and be transported away from life's daily concerns. The fun in the box lies in capturing that moment of discovery in the form of a photo, which they will be able to with them as a souvenir. Will they be confused, surprised, delighted?


Introduction to Physical Computing