Foggy Mountain

Yuli Cai

Immerse in the music of foggy nature


Foggy Mountain is an installation that reflect the life of ancient Chinese literati. The life that immerse in the nature and play string instrument towards foggy mountain. It is an universal feeling to experience relaxed mood and unified soul while being surround by nature. Breath in, Breath out. We are actually interacting with nature every second. Guqin, is a special traditional string instrument in China, it has been endowed with our infinite emotional conversation with nature. Every time you play a string, it vibrate its sound out to nature. Foggy Mountain vivid these abstract feelings by visualising the sense of nature vibrating back.

By playing different strings, you will get rising fog from different areas according to the frequency of sound. The movement of pattern that being projected onto the fog is synced with the frequency of the string. The higher the frequency, the left the fog will show up, the faster the movement is.

Foggy Mountain use a guitar pickup as input, 50 fans to control the fog up and down and also a projector to project pattern.


Introduction to Physical Computing

Nature Geometry

Xinyao Wang, Yuli Cai, Yuan Xue

Let's play and relax in the galaxy and interact with the Moon. Look up and around!


An interactive abstract imagery of natural textures, the Moon, and universe in simple geometric shapes projected perfectly onto a well-designed physical object on a white wall to maximize user experience. It gives you pure pleasure in changing and seeing the different projections/patterns/modes according to simply intuitive gestures and body movements.


Introduction to Computational Media