Aaron Parsekian, Lisa M Jamhoury

Threads is an interactive performance experience that breaks down the barrier between audience and performer by exposing the body’s vital signs as visualisations.


While much has been done with revealing the physical body through motion capture in performance art, less has been done in taking into account closer readings from the body. In this experience, performers wear sensors measuring electrography—specifically electromyography (EMG) and electrocardiography (EKG). The data is transmitted wirelessly and combined. The resulting data is represented visually and sonically in real time. In this way, the performer’s body electric lights the performance environment. Threads currently measures EKG (heart rate) with Polar heart rate bands, and EMG (muscle electric) with MyoWare Electromyography sensors. The data from these sensors is then sent over a wireless serial bridge to a computer providing algorithmic visuals made in Processing. Each sensor has added wearable lighting to show the sensor readings in real time.


Data Art, Big Screens, Designing for Live Performance