ITP Winter Show 2016

Socially Sustained Ecologies
Chester Dols, Yutong (Carlie) Zhang
This is a social media visualizer, where creatures in this ecosystem are sustained through social media activity.  Fail to feed them, they will feed on each other.
Aaron Parsekian, Lisa M Jamhoury
Threads is an interactive performance experience that breaks down the barrier between audience and performer by exposing the body’s vital signs as visualisations.
Spin the Lamps
Yunho Choi, Lin Yang
Spin the Lamp! is three different types of musical lighting sculptures that people can generate playful music by spinning them.
Ostrich Box
Yihan Chen
The answer of why ostrich would put its head in ground.
Secret Drawer
Hayeon Kim
‘Reading a personal story by pulling out the drawer’.
Dreams Interaction
Paula Leonvendagar
With an archive of dreams I´ve register over 20 years (since 1995 to 2015) I am creating a platform that makes them interact with the audience. <br />
cat toy
Jinhee Ahn
Make a cat chase a ball with a joystick
"No" Boxes
Xitong Xu
Boxes react in an opposite way you order them.
Ambient Machine
Scott Reitherman
Three ambient music p5 sketches have been designed in harmony, allowing users to create short or long-form, evolving musical soundscapes via touchscreens.
Danni Huang, Yuqiao Qin
play with simulated nature light refraction and dispersion and enjoy the rainbow that shades and fades on string sculpture
Unit Of Measurement
Daniella Garcia, Sebastian Morales
“The difficulty that had to be overcome […] was to avoid all geometrical evidence. In other words, I had to start with a sort of intimacy of roundness.”<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
-Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space<br />
Programming Design Systems Class Exhibition
Angela Perrone, Cristina Cannella, Kathleen S Temrowski
A curated wall of the collective works designed by the students of Rune Madsen's Programming Design Systems Class, highlighting the journey of graphic design through code.
Logic of Sensation
Sebastian Morales
Interactive kinetic sculpture tied to the confines of a screen. Thoughts on volume, light, and the curiosity of observance.
Moody Marble
Il Eun Kim, Steven Simon
Analyzing sentiment in a graphical way, using mixtures of two oil color paint.
Kevin Stirnweis, Nikita Huggins, Shir David, Xinyao Wang
ClockooBird is an interactive window display that imagines the life of the modern cuckoo bird.
Rainbow Raincoat
Samantha Schulman
An interactive wearable raincoat that uses LEDs to find the rainbow.
DreamDate VR
Zoe Bachman
Dream Date is a speculative human intimacy simulation in VR
Chelsea J Pfohl
Touch the moss and find yourself in an immersive growing virtual reality forest.
Cirque du Snake
Jaycee Holmes, Zach Coble
The classic snake game, where the snake’s movements are controlled by your body.
Jasmine A Soltani, Swapna Joshi
Making visible the invisible ecosystem services provided by plants by giving people the option to pay money to a responsive plant and showing how humankind benefits in a multitude of ways from natural ecosystems.<br />
Yueping Wang
Interactive 3D display of human anatomy
Shaping Characters
Joakim G Quach, Ondina E Frate
We all 'perform' on social media but that's not who we really are. Shaping Characters is an exploration of social media portraits through text interaction.
Satbir Samantha Multani
A sound bag, where when you punch or kick it, you can create music
Richard Lapham
Using water projection as a medium for interaction.
Laura Kerry
A play on the notion of electronic texts, the "E-Books" device uses technology (RFID, light and photoresistors, switches, and aprojected p5.js sketch) in combination with print books to concretize the hidden stories embedded in physical pages—when books were acquired, where they have traveled, and what they have signified to those who have carried them.
Doo Yon Kim
VR 2 BIZ : VR applied to the B2B industry.
Endless Winter
Jeffrey Park, Pan Pan
Capture and manipulate snow using ultrasound sensors and blower fans. Have fun with snow while staying warm indoors!
Words That Stick
Lindsey Piscitell, Oriana Neidecker
Create a performance piece that comments on the unique lexicon that has been cultivated and utilized specifically towards women, and explore the violent and prohibitive effect it has on their often marginalized or reduced role in society.
Dynamic Blocks
Luqian Chen
This project explores the potential connection and interactive experience between physical objects and virtual interface.
Partisan Thesaurus
Melanie Hoff
Bridging the US political divide through language.
Dong Chan Kim, Jennifer Lim
Human users are invited to take on the ultimate cat challenge: catch the laser.
When We Die
Dana Abrassart, Leslie E Ruckman, Paula Ceballos Delgado
When We Die is a meditation on our own mortality and an examination on attitudes towards dying in Western Culture as told through a VR experience.
Birds in C
Stephanie Koltun
Reinterpreting Terry Riley’s original “In C” composition and instruction, “Birds in C” is a web interface for conducting an orchestra of pre-programmed birds sounds. Let your inner birds sing!
Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya
It's about creating a new language that ties together the old ways of archiving and consuming stories with the contemporary ways of consuming them. It's a physical installation inspired by a recording device used in the Incan Empire made of cords and knotted strings of different colors to capture elements of Oral Traditions. Interaction with it, will reveal daily stories about cultural identity and immigration.
Cristobal Valenzuela
Tacto is a physical interface for digital projections by allowing the user to control and manipulate a projection with physical objects.
Utsav Chadha
Conversations become more interesting when you look away from your device, and talk to the person in front of you.
Jingfei Lin, Kyung A Na
Discover the illusions generated by two individuals' sensations.
Beyond Your Reflection
Elizabeth White
A two-way mirror which, when approached, uses real-time body tracking to transform the user's reflection into a unique and unexpected experience.
Eternal Cloud
Eve J Weinberg
"A sci-fi story disguised as a startup." <br /><br />
<br />
Nouf Aljowaysir
Multiverse is a short trailer that takes you on a crafted psychedelic journey through outer space, questioning the vastness and unknown nature of the cosmos.
Blowing Bridges
Dani Woo Hyun Kim
An anamorphic sculpture controlled by the human breath that experiments with the unplanned yet collective effort’s ability to derive more compelling results than the conscious and independent.
The Factory
Corbin Ordel
Watch Breakfast get made in this cutting edge factory.
Ari Melenciano
Experiamera is a vintage styled, highly aesthetically pleasing digital camera - that makes the experience both experiential and experimentive.
Structural Circuits
Dorothy Chi Hung Lam
Structural circuits is a way of rethinking circuits and sculpting with electricity.
Box Anonymous
Jaycee Holmes, Yunho Choi
"Tell me a secret. And I will tell you one back." Box Anonymous is an interactive installation which stores someone's secret and gives someone else's secret.
Amanda Lee, Se Young Kim
Draw, Play and Take your own souvenir.
Anne Goodfriend, Jordan Frand, Shir David
A celebration of Queer Community on the Streets of New York.
Magical Mystery Times
Michelle Hessel
A VR experience inside iconic Yellow Submarine that will take you back to the 1960s.
Pop-Up Forest
Lindsey Daniels
Play in the world of Pop-up Forest, a pop-up book that affects your surroundings.
Water Synth
Jarone A Wright, Melissa Parker
A waterfall that plays notes when you pass your hand under it.
The Loopy Mic
Ishaan Chaudhary, Nicola Carpeggiani
We have built out a system that will enable microphones to become looping devices that will enhance students beatboxing abilities. Specifically, this will be used to aid a curriculum set forth by the Breatrockers for blind and low vision students and the Lavelle school.
Mithru Vigneshwara, Seunghwan Kim
Compete with your friends in a robot race - the only catch: you control your robot with your mind - the calmer you are, the faster your robot.
David Temchulla, Yutong (Carlie) Zhang
A moving painting controlled by text the participants choose.
Juan José Egúsquiza
VR myth
Coral Reef
Marcela Nowak
Explore underwater world, collect points.<br />
NomNom: The Video Machine
Dror (Dodi) Ayalon, Woraya Boonyapanachoti
NomNom: The Video Machine allows you to play videos as music samples, and sync them like a DJ.
The Great Tree of Sacrifice
Regina Cantu De Alba, Utsav Chadha, Woraya Boonyapanachoti
The entanglement of religion, ritual, consumerism and hair.
Bad Paper
Ian Gibson, Taylor Black
Kristofer Goldsmith was discharged from the US Army after a suicide attempt; eight years later, he's still fighting to right that wrong.
a2z Bot Wall
Chelsea J Pfohl, Chino Kim, Daniel Silber-Baker, Isabel M Donlon, Jared D Friedman, Joakim G Quach, Jessica L Scott-Dutcher, Leslie E Ruckman, Marcela Nowak, Nikita Huggins, Ondina E Frate, Ruta Kruliauskaite, Ravyn L Whitley, rebecca (marks) leopold, Rebecca Ricks, Serena M Parr, Ying He, Yiting Liu
A curated wall of code projects made by ITP graduate students in Daniel Shiffman's Programming from A to Z class.
Nilomee Jesrani
This project is a data visualization of peoples awareness of recycling coffee grounds and communication material to teach them about how they can recycle them.
Gal Nissim, Phil Guo
An interactive performance that  the impact society has on how we view ourselves.
Mic Cuff Controller
Dominic Barrett
A controller that wraps around a microphone and turns recorded sounds into synthesizer voices.
Miao Tian
Revealing an inner landscape that one hides from public sights.
Sorting Hat
Rita Cheng
No more online quizzes, you can finally be properly sorted into your wizarding house.
Shivanku Kumar Fnu, Eric W Li
An interactive sculpture that incites conversations around climate change and human influence.
Esther Hersh
A set of necklaces that communicate with each other through bluetooth. When one necklace is held, the other lights up.
Dimensions of Wave
Kyung A Na, Jingfei Lin
Experience of different dimensions of wave
Illuminated Path
Yeseul Song
A light bulb that finds you and illuminates your way.
Empathy Suit
Anastasios Germanidis
Experience the bodily sensations of another person
Hamiltonian Cards
Jose (Sejo) Vega-Cebrian
The Hamiltonian Cards are generative coloring puzzles: follow the instructions to reveal their messages
The Wave
Xiwei Huang
A kinetic sculpture that represents the subtle water wave movement in nature.
Ruta Kruliauskaite, Rebecca Ricks
'Yamammy' is a VR documentary that explores how displaced refugees navigate a world in which they possess fragmentary ethnic, religious, or national identities.
The Audiences
Yuan Chen
This sculpture create an illusion for people that who is the audience and who is the performer.
Genocide Watch-And Act
Daniel Silber-Baker
Genocides develop in stages. It is our responsibility as humans to keep watch over the development of these stages, and to take action to ensure all traces of genocide and the stages that lead to it are extinguished.
Virtual Batting Cage
Alex Fast, Grant Henry , Katie Takacs
Do you think you can get a hit off of a Major League Pitcher?
Skylar A Jessen, Wipawe Sirikolkarn
A chrome extension and household object to transport your digital soul to your selected others.
The Loopy Mic
Ishaan Chaudhary, Nicola Carpeggiani, Satbir Samantha Multani, Yi Zhao
A system that enables microphones to become looping devices that will enhance student beatboxing abilities
Geometric, A Drawing Experience
Jixuan Sun, Zhuoxi Song
Make your own art piece.
Roi Lev
Transform yourself into a different body. PoV gives you the opportunity to experience the world from a different point of view.
Osama M Sehgol, Jamal Combs
Chat application backgrounds (Facebook Messenger, SMS, Line) are boring and banal. This interactive app parses sentiments in chat and generates interactive art in the background. It is taking Paul Rand's mission - art should not be confined to empty museums, it should be in people's homes. I'm putting it in their hands.
Moving Messages
Karalyn C Lathrop
Moving Messages explores the concept of moving to send messages to loved ones remotely.
Yuli Cai
waterFalse is an interactive a hacked symbolic light and musical interface to recreate ancient Chinese chime bell and percussion instrument, combining with natural water spinning sound and computer generated sound.
Total President
Shivanku Kumar Fnu
The president-elect has some nasty things to say about you. Follow @realdonal to find out.
Yanlin Ma
interaction between the physical and the virtual objects
Liquid Light
Jeffrey Park, Yeseul Song
An interactive toy in which light imitates water!
Chino Kim
Operator is a musical interface inspired by old telephone switchboards that reverses the role of the operator and allows for the sampling and manipulation of live phone calls.
form fitting film
Alexander Zimmer
An ever changing video, representing the subjectiveness of the media.
Paper Gif Roll
Jasmine A Soltani, Rushali Rupchand Paratey
A simple and funny installation that monitors paper towel use in the ITP bathroom and triggers a gif each time a paper towel is dispensed.
Immersive Listening
Kevin Stirnweis
Selected sound installations and experiments using Unreal Engine and the HTC Vive.
Blink of an Eye
Emmanuel Y Klein, Kritchaya Twitchsri, Paula Ceballos Delgado, Wipawe Sirikolkarn
An interactive window display that flashes your life in the blink of an eye
Bryan Hsu, Patrick Presto
Be the director of your own action-packed car chase scene with... a car!
Nai-Chen Yang, Xingjian An, Yiting Liu
A  first person point of view, character-based story-driven VR experience.
Private: Do Not Touch
Isabel M Donlon
Our internet search history contains some of our most private thoughts and ideas. I aim to subvert that by publishing my data.
Alejandro Matamala
A personal tool to create graphic design composition from a collection of internet and scanned images and an interactive intervention of random users.
Koji Kanao, Nitish Wakalkar
An Interactive and expressive robot pet.