Secret Drawer

Hayeon Kim

‘Reading a personal story by pulling out the drawer’.


‘Secret drawer’ is an interactive storytelling installation. To discover a personal story, belongings and events such physical interaction in the room can reflect narrative of one’s life.

Since drawer is commonly used, yet a mysterious object which people cannot expect what it contains before they open. People sometimes cannot throw away their old stuff and collect all goods to containers such as drawers. It has possibly most story telling objects stored. Admittedly, it is the object in everyone’s house storing stuffs hid from others. The stuffs and belongings of someone else tell story of who they are or represents missing pieces of puzzles. Therefore, I decided to choose a drawer to pull out the story and secrets.

In terms of design, the top drawer has sound effect of typing the keyboards with showing a desk and a chair in miniature size. and next drawer will show a miniature bed with many lights. The bottom drawer will be a closet so clothes will be rotating once light source comes to trigger. Basically, I reversed the idea of a room and a drawer. So, the drawer contains the room while most of time a room contains a drawer. On the top of the drawer, I will place a picture frame of a person or a letter written by a person.

I am using photocell (light sensor) to trigger an audio and lights and motors placed in each drawer. The video above is demonstrating the light is on when photocell is getting the source of light. And the stepper motor is rotating fast while more light is provided. Since a user will physically involve to pull out the drawer giving light source, it will operate outputs. Specifically, MP3 sound (which will be arriving this monday) will trigger to play as background of the scene once the drawer is pulled out. also, different sounds each time will be iterative for audiences to play multiple times.


Introduction to Physical Computing ITPG-GT.2301.002, Designing for Digital Fabrication, Intro to Fabrication